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this is a course website for students in English 367.01C at ohio state university, autumn 2004. the creator of the site is the teacher--bob eckhart. this is how i am communicating with my class and how they can communciate with each other.

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I am a teacher at OSU and most of my blogs are intended for my students...for me to post information to them and for them to share information with their classmates.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

last day of class

hey folks......today is the last day. i don't have any incredibly profound words to say, other than i hope you enjoyed your immersion into the world of blogs. this form of media will definitely influence your life through the foreseeable future, and now you have experience with them and are comfortable, and can hopefully use this format to stake your own presence on the internet.

in other news, please keep in touch with me. i am easy to contact through email and can be a resource for you as you finish your college careers and decide what move to make after you finish at OSU.

i hope you had a good quarter and good luck on the remainder of your blogging and your final exams, blob

ps. don't forget to do the online course evaluation...and also, please send me some feedback directly [eckhart.5@osu.edu] so i can make some useful changes to this course if i teach it again next quarter...


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