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this is a course website for students in English 367.01C at ohio state university, autumn 2004. the creator of the site is the teacher--bob eckhart. this is how i am communicating with my class and how they can communciate with each other.

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I am a teacher at OSU and most of my blogs are intended for my students...for me to post information to them and for them to share information with their classmates.

Monday, December 06, 2004

one last thing........

i keep forgetting to tell you: please maintain your blogs for as long as you can. do not leave them unattended. my goal for this final project was for you to create a valuable asset for your future use. with that in mind, please keep in touch with me and let me know how you are *using* your blog and if there are any developments for you blog. for instance, please let me know if the Pelee Island Chamber of Commerce puts a link to it from their webpage, or the College of Engineering links to your how-to-build-a-racecar blog in order to attract/entice prospective students. also, i will update the osuenglish367 blog with news periodically, and i will also check your blog #2's when i am online surfing the internet, and bored. ha!

take care and please keep in touch, blob


Blogger Jessica said...

Alright, I know the class is over, so for most people this won't help them out, but for those who plan to maintain their blogs and would like to put pictures on their blog but don't know how, you can typically put pictures on your blog by using html code. If you don't know html, that's okay, neither do I. I use my livejournal.com blog, type my post into that, put any pictures I want in using their picture option, save it, convert it to html, and then copy the whole thing into my mindsay account using the html option. If you don't have a livejournal blog, you can convert your entries into html using Front Page. All the photos you use will probably need web addresses in order to get them onto your blogs. For that, photobucket.com offers free online photo albums. If you have any questions you can leave me a comment on my blog #2 at http://www.popcorndiaries.mindsay.com/.

11:50 PM  
Blogger Jordan said...

Bob, for some reason some of my links that are newspapers are not working even though I got all of their web address' off of the same page.

2:18 PM  

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