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this is a course website for students in English 367.01C at ohio state university, autumn 2004. the creator of the site is the teacher--bob eckhart. this is how i am communicating with my class and how they can communciate with each other.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

writing tip #1

some of you may have overheard me and some of your classmates talking about the word "sic" which is used after a quotation when the person you are quoting has spelled a word wrong or used an incorrect fact. this is the way that you, the writer, acknowledge to the reader that you recognize the mistakte.

here is the definition from dictionary.com:


( P ) Pronunciation Key (sk)adv.

Thus; so. Used to indicate that a quoted passage, especially one containing an error or unconventional spelling, has been retained in its original form or written intentionally.


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