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this is a course website for students in English 367.01C at ohio state university, autumn 2004. the creator of the site is the teacher--bob eckhart. this is how i am communicating with my class and how they can communciate with each other.

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I am a teacher at OSU and most of my blogs are intended for my students...for me to post information to them and for them to share information with their classmates.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

end of week 6--homework over the weekend

okay, folks.....the quarter is more than half over...and it will end very quickly, so i think this calls for "drastic" action--some homework this weekend. ha! today should you submit a blog analysis [#5], and on tuesday, i would like you to submit a few paragraphs about your Blog #2--we will call this your Proposal.

in this proposal, i want you to tell me the main subject area of the blog and what your ideas are for it. try to answer these questions:

1) what is the main message of my blog? how did i choose this subject area?

2) who is the audience? how will they find the blog? how often will they want to visit it?

3) how does this blog match my current interests as well as my future and/or career interests?

thanks for listening and have a nice weekend :)


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